Use Case Steering Team

The ONF use case steering team (UCST) is responsible for identifying and prioritizing use-cases to be developed into solutions within the ONF-led projects. By working with operator members to prioritize use cases most important to them, the UCST will help steer the development work of the ONF community to support those use cases.

The UCST consists of representatives from ONF Partner-level and Innovator-level network operators along with three elected representatives of Partner-level Vendor members. The ONF Board may also appoint a few ONF representatives to the UCST.

Co-Chairs: Yiu Lee (Comcast) & Aseem Parikh (ONF)

Tom Anschutz

Distinguished Member of Tech Staff, AT&T

Wei Zhou

Director, Open Source Networking, China Unicom

Yiu Lee

Distinguished Engineer, Comcast

Hans-Jöerg Kolbe

Senior Cost Engineer, Deutsche Telekom

Anees Shaikh

Network Architect, Google

Toru Furusawa

Network Engineer, NTT Communications

Aseem Parikh

VP of Solutions and Partnerships, ONF

Memis Akkus

Director, Architecture and Quality Assurance, Turk Telekom

Sandhya Narayan

Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, Verizon