A leading open-source multi-purpose leaf-spine fabric supporting distributed access networks, NFV and edge cloud applications. Trellis is an open source platform that reduces the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and makes it easy for operators to customize it for their applications.

Built using bare-metal switches with merchant-silicon ASICs, Trellis is currently deployed in production networks by a Tier-1 US network operator.

  • Classic-SDN Control with ONOS to directly program ASIC forwarding tables in bare metal switches with merchant silicon
  • L2 forwarding (Bridging) within server-racks and L3 forwarding (Routing) across racks
  • MPLS Segment routing for better scale and reduced programming
  • Control plane functionality with Trellis vRouter for external connectivity
  • N-way redundancy and tier-1 telecom operator scale
  • Support for different use cases ranging from Central Office to backhaul in operator networks
  • Single-pane-of-glass monitoring and troubleshooting with ONOS
  • Capex and Opex savings with white-box hardware and open source software
  • Future Proof: P4 and Stratum integration to unlock advanced capabilities


Trellis Architecture

System Components

Trellis System Components

Trellis – The First ONF Production-Ready Solution

Use Cases

  • Distributed fabric for access/edge networking
  • Disaggregated BNG in SEBA using P4
  • Enterprise Datacenter Fabrics
  • Chassis Routers
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