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Open Network Operating System (ONOS™) is the leading open source SDN controller for building next-generation SDN/NFV solutions.

ONOS was designed to meet the needs of operators wishing to build carrier-grade solutions that leverage the economics of white box merchant silicon hardware while offering the flexibility to create and deploy new dynamic network services with simplified programmatic interfaces. ONOS supports both configuration and real-time control of the network, eliminating the need to run routing and switching control protocols inside the network fabric. By moving intelligence into the ONOS cloud controller, innovation is enabled and end-users can easily create new network applications without the need to alter the dataplane systems.

The ONOS platform includes:

  • A platform and set of applications that act as an extensible, modular, distributed SDN controller.
  • Simplified management, configuration and deployment of new software, hardware & services.
  • A scale-out architecture to provide the resiliency and scalability required to meet the rigors of production carrier environments.

With an expanding community of developers and users, ONOS is an open-source project distributed under the Apache 2.0 license.

Distributed Core

Provides high-availability, scalability and performance required to sustain demands of service providers

Abstractions & Models

Allow applications to configure and control the network without becoming dependent on device specifics

Applications platform

Allow developers to dynamically extend the base capabilities

ONOS has been used in a wide range of use cases, and has been embedded in a number of operator and vendor SDN controller solutions. Of special note are two use cases where ONOS has become a key enabler and an integral part of downstream projects:


ONOS is the networking platform for use cases of Central Office Re-architected as a Data center in the residential, mobile and enterprise domains.


multi-layer SDN network solution integrating the packet and optical domains with white box disaggregated hardware to build next-generation wide area networks (WANs)


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