Transforming Networks into Agile Platforms for Service Delivery

Leveraging SDN Principles, Disaggregation, Open Source Platforms and Software Defined Standards to Deliver Open Innovation Pipeline

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We’ve Achieved Disaggregation of Networking Devices and Open Source Platforms

This enables innovation, but makes it very complex to build solutions

Now it’s time we start building solutions with disaggregated and open source components

Accelerating Deployment with ONF’s Open Innovation Pipeline

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A Growing Community of 200+ Members of Network Operators, Vendors,
System Integrators and more...









Bringing Value to All Stakeholders

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  • Operators

    Accelerate network innovation to
    address customer demands.
    Turn the network into a platform for
    value creation while reducing
    capex and opex.

  • Vendors

    Leverage open source platforms
    to add your unique value to solutions.
    Gain visibility into operator use cases
    and accelerate deployment
    into networks.

  • Integrators

    Differentiate with expertise to enable
    operators to address new
    opportunities. Work closely with
    the broader ecosystem to
    achieve great ROI.

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