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centec-networksCentec Networks is dedicated in providing IP/Ethernet switching silicon and advanced turnkey solutions. Since 2005, Centec has delivered a series of silicon (TransWarpTM Series) and system products. Centec's cutting-edge silicon products and system solutions enable telecom/network equipment vendors to build complete product portfolios with dramatically reduced development costs and improved time-to-market. SDN is an expanded focus of the company.

SDN / OpenFlow Solution

Openflow Switch Design V330: V330 is a 48x1GE + 4x10GE reference design for SDN application. It integrates the latest OVS working copy on top of Centec Open SDK to provide a complete system solution. Solution highlights: Up to 2.5K embedded flow entries; Fully compatible with OF1.0 and OF1.1+; Support Flow meter and Group features; Support NvGRE and MPLS L2VPN

Switch Silicon GreatBelt is Centec 3rd generation packet processor with SDN innovation, supports large hash-based flow entries (32K); lower and fixed-latency with cut-through forwarding. Low power with 15W typical.


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