Timon Sloane, VP of Standards and Membership at ONF, explains how vendors, operators, and integrators alike can benefit from the Open Innovation Pipeline.

We announced our Open Innovation Pipeline strategy in March, which stirred plenty of excitement. The strategy, made possible by the joining of ONF and ON.Lab, provides a broadly applicable framework built on turn-key open source building blocks to deliver complete solutions for network operators. With the Open Innovation Pipeline, we are bringing together the industry in a unifying effort to advance open source networking solutions. Continue reading

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Timon Sloane, VP of Standards & Membership at ONF, shares his thoughts on network disaggregation, and what needs to happen next for the industry to move forward.  

Disaggregation. It’s a hot topic in the industry today and a subject that the ONF played a critical role in when introducing it to the world more than half a decade ago. The OpenFlow standard enabled the disaggregation of the forwarding plane from the control plane to allow them to evolve independently and for innovation to proceed unencumbered.

Innovation is what Software Defined Networking (SDN) is all about.
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Timon Sloane details ONF’s new approach to Software Defined Standards, where open source development and deployment guide standards development. 

What came first, the chicken or the egg?

It’s an old question, but it’s a relevant one in the standards world as many of us dispute when standards should be created. Should standards come before the software, or should software come before the standards?

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In just two weeks, enterprises, cloud and service providers will gather to share insights, highlight innovation and discuss the future of open source at The Linux Foundation’s Open Networking Summit, the industry’s largest and most inclusive open networking and orchestration event in the world taking place April 3-6 at the Santa Clara Convention Center.

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Guru Parulkar shares his thoughts from this year’s Mobile World Congress and recaps the mobile CORD (M-CORD) demos.

I left this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona feeling overwhelmed – overwhelmed with excitement! Mobile World Congress 2017 was a tremendous success. From 5G, to smart shoes, to retro phones making a comeback, to our own demonstrations, there was plenty of things happening at this year’s event. If you’ve been keeping up with the news coming out of MWC 2017, you would know that 5G attracted the biggest buzz this year. I thought this to be rather fitting as this year’s theme was “the next element.”

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Technologies that are set to change the world are starting to emerge. What does this mean for networking? Mike McBride shares his thoughts. 

Last month, alongside 175,000 of my closest friends, I attended CES in Las Vegas and witnessed a staggering amount of connected devices. From very cool autonomous vehicles to not–quite-as-cool connected hair brushes and everything in between, it was a fascinating week. Super thin (and big!) televisions, an underwater drone and fish finder, and robots that fold clothes. There were also a lot of smart technologies including smart clothing, glasses, watches and phones. Augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR) was particularly huge at CES this year. AR/VR has seen a new life recently and is being used in education, retail, sports, crime prevention, manufacturing and entertainment. One of the more fascinating areas for AR/VR is in medical applications. AR/VR is being used for pain management, autism therapy, surgery, overcoming phobias, PTSD, stroke rehabilitation, visual and hearing impairment, motion sickness, neuro-technology, etc. Eventually we will arrive to where we can use teleportation to have a “face to face” conversation with healthcare professionals and review therapy and results from our home. It would be nice to save a trip to the doctor.

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ONF Executive Director Guru Parulkar introduces Foundation’s new game-changing Open Innovation Pipeline strategy.

Last fall, ONF and ON.Lab announced an agreement to become a single organization under the ONF name. Since that time, our aligned operations teams have been hard at work framing the go-forward strategy of the new ONF, an energizing and exciting planning initiative in preparation for our formal merger at the end of 2017.

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